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HPM311 Air Pressure Differential Pressure Transmitter

Measuring range: -100kPa…0~200Pa…100kPa
Overload: 3x of full range scale
Display option: LED or LCD
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The HPM311 Air Differential Pressure Transmitter is designed with a CNC integrated aluminum alloy shell, ensuring durability and reliability. It features a highly accurate and stable sensitive core sensor that efficiently transforms the pressure signal of the measured medium into a 4-20mADC signal or a standard voltage signal. This is achieved through a high-quality and enlarged electric circuit, ensuring reliable performance.

With its field display and configuration operation functions, the HPM311 Transmitter offers convenient and user-friendly operation. The range of the transmitter is adjustable, allowing for customization based on specific requirements. Additionally, the PV (Process Variable) can be easily reset as needed.

The HPM311 Transmitter stands out due to its utilization of high-quality sensors, advanced packaging technology, and a perfect assembly process. These factors contribute to the excellent quality and functionality of the product, ensuring accurate and reliable measurement of air differential pressure.

In summary, the HPM311 Air Differential Pressure Transmitter is a reliable and durable device that offers accurate measurement of air differential pressure. Its advanced features, such as a sensitive core sensor, adjustable range, and field display, make it a versatile and user-friendly option for various applications. The high-quality construction and assembly process guarantee its exceptional performance and longevity.


  • Measure differential pressure of micro air
  • Field display and configuration operation
  • Hard and sealed aluminium alloy shell
  • Short-circuit protection and reverse polarity protection
  • All range temperature compensation
  • Strong anti-jamming and long-term stability

Technical Parameters

Measuring Medium

Dry and clear noncorrosive gas(cannot measure liquids)


3x of full scale


±1.0%FS,±0.5%FS,±0.25%FS(subject to working pressure range)
Output Signal

4~20mA or Voltage

Power Supply24VDC

Working Temperature


Electrical ConnectionCable outlet

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