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HA3M Mini Size Tri-axis Accelerometer Acceleration Sensors IEPE 10mv/g 20mv/g

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HA3M10 Miniature Triaxial Piezoelectric Acceleration Transducer has a built-in accelerometer of circuit, which can transform the high-impedance charge signal to the low-impedance voltage signal. So that it can achieve driving input and signal output with constant-current source concurrently by using coaxial cable. With 1/4~28 four core output, this product can measure acceleration signal of X-axis, Y-axis, Z-axis simultaneously. It also has wide frequency response, small volume and light weight and other features, which can be used for vibration measurement of modal analysis, motor, pump, finish machining.

Dynamic characteristicsUnitsHA3M10
Measuring range (peak value)g±500
Frequency response(±1dB)Hz1~5000
Installment resonant frequencyHz≥15000
Transverse sensitivity rate%≤5
Driving voltageVDC18-28(constant-current source)
Driving currentmA2~10
Output impedanceΩ<100
Full-scale output(peak value)V±5
Bias voltageV-3
Operation temperatureºC-40~+120
Limit of impact(peak value)g±2000
Outline dimensionmm10.5mm³
Shell material
stainless steel
Output mode
1/4~28 four core
Installment way
Sensitive element
Ceramic shear

Connection cable
D04~5 meters

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