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HIGHJOIN Attend China Sensor Industry Development Forum in Wuxi

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The Internet of Things is the embodiment of high-end integration and comprehensive application of new generation information technology. Sensors are one of the core parts of the Internet of Things.

Forum focuses on advanced sensing and Internet of Things technology, analyze the current development focus, and explore future development trends.

Xia Zhijie, a foreign academician of the Russian Academy of Engineering, professor at Southeast University, and director of the Jiangsu Provincial High-end CNC Machine Tool and Complete Equipment Innovation Center, shared "Intelligent Sensing Technology and Its Development Trends" on the spot. He said that China's sensors have formed a complete industrial chain with a large shipment volume. It is relatively high, but mid- to low-end products account for 90%. Core technologies such as sensor chips are highly lacking, and there is a gap of more than 10 years with foreign countries. Currently, the development of artificial intelligence and industrial Internet relies on sensor data collection. Therefore, the development of sensors is urgent. Currently, the innovation center relies on artificial intelligence and sensor fusion to achieve innovative applications in digital twins, CNC machine tools, solar energy, tool wear detection, long-span bridges, super high-rise buildings, large complexes, and other fields. He said that in the future, sensors will develop in the direction of new materials, new processes, integration, low power consumption and intelligence, and sensor companies will also focus on these aspects.

Yao Peng, Director of Industrial Cooperation of the National Intelligent Sensor Innovation Center, shared the "Smart Sensor Industry Ecological Construction" and elaborated on the changes in the global sensor industry chain with the development of information technology, the rise of the semiconductor industry, and the deepening of MEMS applications, as well as the national intelligence The construction of the sensor innovation center is a constructive work to build the sensor industry chain. The National Smart Sensor Innovation Center represents the current highest level of innovation in my country's sensor industry and continues to provide key common technology support platforms for large, medium and small enterprises in the industrial chain of smart sensor design, materials, manufacturing, equipment, packaging and testing.

IoT series is one of the most important products in HIGHJOIN. We already have low power consumption pressure sensor, pressure transmitter, level transmitter with I2C, RS485 or low voltage output, and wireless pressure transmitter, level transmitter and temperature transmitter. Which suitable for kinds of working environments with different requirements.

Sensors serve as the bottom layer of perception for the entire IoT. Sensing technology, as an important starting point for the intelligent future, has set off intelligent changes in all walks of life. HIGHJOIN will continue to work hard to create innovative sensor solutions with high precision, high reliability, high performance, and high quality. Help customers to build an efficient and robust IOT network.

Our product philosophy is specialization, customization, and intelligence.

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