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HIGHJOIN Meets You at The 2024 LANBO EXPO!

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Lanbo Expo was founded in 2006. Since its establishment, the company has held more than 100 exhibitions and conferences of various types, with more than 30,000 exhibitors. The industries involved include food, medicine, chemical industry, general machinery, industrial equipment, machine tools and molds, foundry industry, engineering machinery, printing and packaging, auto parts and supplies, etc. It is a chemical equipment industry exchange platform recognized by the industry as professional, international, large-scale, with complete exhibits, large audiences, and integrating trade and seminars.

Exhibition time: 2024.05.10-2024.05.12

Exhibition location: Shandong Zibo Convertion and Exhibition  Center.

Booth number: AT70

Highjoin joined hands with the 2024 THE 8TH CHINA(ZIB0)CHEMICALTECHNOLOGY AND EOLIPMENTEXHIBITION, and showed case a full range of pressure sensors/transmitters, temperature sensors, flow meters, level/liquid level switches and other products. 

Our product philosophy is specialization, customization, and intelligence.

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