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HP2000 Pointer Type Magnehelic Differential Pressure Gauge

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HP2000 Differential pressure gauges find extensive applications in various fields. They are commonly used to measure fan and blower pressure, filter resistance, wind speed, furnace pressure, orifice plate differential pressure, bubble water level, liquid amplifier pressure in music systems, and more. These gauges are also employed in air-to-gas ratio control, automatic valve control during combustion and raking processes, as well as blood pressure and respiratory pressure monitoring in healthcare equipment. They have widespread usage in industries such as medical and healthcare, microelectronics, aerospace, environmental protection engineering, biological engineering, pharmaceuticals, building intelligence, HVAC, food and beverage, and precision electronic processing.


  • The product boasts a sleek, fully cast aluminum exterior, while internally, the magnetic moving media vortex rod mechanism eliminates friction caused by gear transmission.

  • The meter does not require liquid filling.

  • It offers precise and responsive pointer movement without inertia, source-shift, or hysteresis.

  • Exceptional anti-vibration and anti-jitter performance.

  • It exhibits remarkable resistance to overload pressure, enabling measurement of positive, negative, or differential pressure.

  • With over 81 available ranges, it can measure pressures as low as 30Pa and up to 0-100KPa.

  • The product supports versatile and flexible installation methods, providing convenience and adaptability.

Technical Parameters

Measuring medium

Air and non-flammable, compatible gas (natural gas optional)

Connection thread



±2% to ±4% (subject to range)

Working temperature



Panel Mounting


about 560g

Our product philosophy is specialization, customization, and intelligence.

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