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HPM133 Packard Connector Ceramic Pressure Transmitter

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The HPM133 ceramic pressure transmitter is equipped with a high-performance ceramic sensor and a precision electronic regulating circuit. It is meticulously assembled and produced through a rigorous process. This cost-effective product offers a wide range of pressure interfaces and electrical interfaces.

With its compact and well-designed structure, the HPM133 stands out not only in appearance but also in performance. It boasts exceptional waterproof and impact resistance capabilities, ensuring reliable operation even in challenging environments. The transmitter exhibits excellent electrical performance and long-term stability.

The HPM133 ceramic pressure transmitter finds extensive applications in frequency conversion pumps, water supply systems, and compressor equipment. Its versatility and reliability make it a preferred choice for various industrial settings.


  • Excellent waterproof hammer design

  • Compact shape, suitable for installation space is narrow occasions

  • Multiple pressure interfaces available

  • Multiple electrical outlet options

  • Low cost, cost-effective

  • Good long-term stability

Technical Parameters

Pressure Range



2x of full scale


±0.5%FS (standard),±0.25%FS(option)

Output Signal


Process ConnectionNPT1/4,R1/4,G1/4 etc.
Electrical ConnectionHirschmann,packard connector,aviation plug,cable outlet
Working Temperature


Our product philosophy is specialization, customization, and intelligence.

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