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HPM420L Low Power Consumption Level Transmitter

Level Range: 0~0.5…10mH2O
Output Signal: RS485
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HPM420L low power consumption level transmitter uses high quality stable pressure sensor as the measurement element, it measures the static level pressure accurately which has direct ratio with liquid depth.  Then converting the measurement value into standard RS485 signal through the signal conditioning circuit to achieve the measurement of liquid depth. This product has extremely low power consumption and long service life with lithium-ion battery. The product has display, and with RS485 signal output, it can be networked or embedded with wireless module implement wireless transmission.


  • IoT

  • Water Treatment Industry

  • Groundwater, rivers, lakes

  • Ship


  • Low Power Consumption

  • lithium battery inside product as supply

  • Local display

  • With RS485 signal output,easy adapted with wireless module

  • Special Anti-condensation design

Technical Parameters

Level Range


Notes:Can also use mH2O、inH2O、m、mm, etc. as unit

Need to highlight the   density of liquid to be measured when use length unit such as m、mm etc.


1.5 times of Full scale

Measuring Medium

Liquid which applicable   with the contact material

Output Signal


Power Supply

Vs=3.1~8 VDC(lithium-ion battery inside ER14250,3.6V 1200mAh)

Vs=5VDC  (External power supply supported)

Vs=24VDC (External power supply supported)

Power consumption

Standby current     <20uA

Date collection cycle      0~65535s  

Power Consumption:

About 200uA with data collection cycle as 1s

About 70uA with data collection cycle as 3s

About 50uA with data collection cycle as 5s

Note:Longer data collection cycle, lower consumption



Long term stability


Medium temperature


Our product philosophy is specialization, customization, and intelligence.

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