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HTM208L Temperature Transmitter Low Power Consumption

Measuring range: -50…0~100…500℃
Output/Supply: RS485 /3.1~8 VDC(lithium battery ER14250, 3.6V)
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HTM208L low power temperature sensor is designed for measuring fluid temperature using a high-quality and high-stability PT100 or PT1000 sensing element. The sensor converts the temperature signal into a standard RS485 signal output through a signal conditioning circuit, enabling accurate temperature measurement.

What sets the HTM208L apart is its low power consumption and long service life. The sensor is powered by a built-in lithium battery, which provides the necessary power while consuming minimal energy. This allows for extended operation without frequent battery replacements, enhancing the convenience and cost-effectiveness of the product.

In addition to its low power design, the HTM208L features an on-site display, allowing users to directly view the temperature readings. Furthermore, the sensor can be networked through RS485 communication, enabling integration with other devices and systems for centralized monitoring and control of temperature data.

For added flexibility, the HTM208L can also be equipped with a wireless module, enabling wireless transmission of temperature data. This wireless capability eliminates the need for physical wiring connections, offering convenience and versatility in various monitoring applications.


  • IoT

  • Industrial process control for temperature


  • Powered by external lithium battery

  • Low power consumption

  • With site display

  • Support RS 485 comm unication , a daptable wireless module

  • High protection level

Technical Parameters

Temperature Range


Measuring Medium

Various fluid compatible   with contact materials

Output Signal


Power Supply

Vs=3.1~8 VDC (Built-in   lithium battery ER14250, 3.6V 1200mAh)

Vs=5VDC   (external power supply supported)

Vs=24VDC (external   power supply supported)

Power consumption (RS485 output)

Standby   current: <20uA

Date   collection cycle: 0~65535s

Power   Consumption:

About 200uA with data collection cycle as   1s

About 70uA with data collection cycle as   3s

About 50uA with data collection cycle as   5s.

Note: Longer data collection cycle, lower   consumption.


±0.5℃ (-50℃≤range≤100℃)

±1.0℃ (-50℃≤range≤300℃)

±3.0℃ (-50℃≤range≤500℃)

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