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HYM260 0-30m Guided Wave Radar Level Meter Level Sensor

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High-frequency microwave pulses issued by the guided wave radar propagate along detection components (steel cable or steel rod), met the media to be measured, since the dielectric constant of the mutation, cause reflections, a portion of the  pulse energy is reflected back. Transmit pulse and the reflected pulse is proportional to the distance and the time interval measured media.


1. As a result of advanced microprocessor and unique discovery echo processing technology, guided wave radar level meter can be used in a variety of complex conditions.

2. Because of the type of process connections and detection components, making Series Guided Wave Radar Level Meter is suitable for a variety of complex  conditions and applications. Such as: high temperature, high pressure and low dielectric constant media.

3. Pulsed work, low power supply, can be installed in a variety of metals, non-metallic container, no harm to human and the environment.

Technical Parameters

Measure Range


Measuring medium

Liquid, solid powder


500MHz- 1.8GHz



Process temperature

-40~150℃,200 upper can customize

Process pressure


Process connection

Thread, Flange selected

Protection grade


Output signal


Power Supply

Two-wire DC24V

Four-wire( DC24V/AC220V)


LCD,Adjustment keypad


Cable or single rod antenna

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