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Industrial Pressure Gauge

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Industrial Pressure Gauge

A pressure gauge is a device used to measure and display the pressure of a fluid or gas in a system. It typically consists of a dial or digital display with a needle or numerical readout that indicates the pressure level. Pressure gauges are widely used in various industries, including manufacturing, engineering, and automotive. They provide crucial information for monitoring and controlling pressure, ensuring optimal performance and safety of systems. The gauge is typically connected to the system through a pressure port, and it measures the force exerted by the fluid or gas on its sensing element. Pressure gauges come in different types, such as analog, digital, and differential pressure gauges, each suited for specific applications.


Dial Diameter: 2'' 2.5'' 4''

Accuracy: 2.5% 1.6% 1.0%

Installation Way: Radial or Axial

Oil-filled option

Connection thread: M20, G1/2'', G1/4'', NPT1/2'' etc.

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