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From 2023, China's economic and trade exhibition market has rapid recovery. The orderly resumption of a series of economic and trade exhibitions has converted into a bond of confidence - promoting cooperation between Chinese and foreign enterprises to build a safe, reliable, and efficient supply chain, jointly working for global economic recovery, and working together to maintain and develop the multilateral trading system.

HIGHJOIN actively participated in a series of exhibitions about chemical industry, Internet of Things, and sensors, show us to partner, giving them more opportunities to learn about us and our product.

HIGHJOIN have already participated in:

- 12th to 14th, May 2023, the 7th China (Zibo) Chemical Technology Expo

The exhibition covers eight major sectors: pumps and valves electromechanical equipment, instrument automation, chemical technology equipment, safety and explosion-proof equipment, refrigeration and heat exchange treatment equipment, wastewater and gas environmental protection technology, packaging and storage and transportation equipment, and chemical products.

HIGHJOIN brings kinds of anti-corrosion pressure transmitter, anti-corrosion submersible level transmitter, industrial pressure transmitter and diagram hygienic type pressure transmitter which suitable for chemical industry to the exhibition.

- 4th to 5th, July 2023, 2023, Intelligent Sensor Industry Development Conference in Baoji, Shanxi province.

With the theme of "Innovative Sensing, Intelligent Connectivity of Everything", this conference brings experts, scholars, and industry elites from the domestic sensor industry together in Baoji to exchange industry information, seek cooperation opportunities, and discuss the development plan of the sensor industry.

- 4th to 6th, Aug, BIO CHINA 2023.

After 11 years of development and resource accumulation, BIO China has become a well-known and authoritative industry event in the field of biological fermentation industry.

HIGHJOIN brings high accuracy and stable HPM8 series, diagram hygienic type pressure transmitter HPM7 series which suitable for food biotechnology industry which has dedicated requests for stability and sanitary.

- 13th to 15th, Sensor China 2023

More than 400+ professional exhibitors and 20+ industrial events held during the exhibition. Conducting technical discussions on mainstream sensing technologies such as pressure sensing, gas sensing, and magnetic sensing, as well as on energy, environmental monitoring, automobiles, IoT, intelligent manufacturing, etc.

In this exhibition, HIGHJOIN launched series sensors HP10LC, HP30LV, HP30LC, transmitters HPM1300L, HPM1330L, HPM240L, HPM420L which has low power supply, low power consumption, and with digital I2C or RS485, low voltage output which can be embedded into IoT data collection equipment easily. And efficiently build up wireless transmission networks.

- 20th to 22nd, IOTE/Shenzhen International Internet of Things Exhibition

IOTE It is a complete display of the IoT industry chain, covering the IoT perception layer (sensors, MEMS sensors, RFID, smart cards, barcodes, biometrics, video recognition, real-time precise positioning, etc.), network transmission layer (cellular (4G/5G) /Cat 1/NB-lo), non-cellular (LoRa/Bluetooth Wi-Fi Zigbee/UWB/ZETA2.4G), industrial gateway(DTU/RTU bus, satellite IoT, optical communication, etc.), computing and platform layer (cloud platform , data middle platform, cloud computing and big data, edge computing, artificial intelligence, IoT security, etc.), as well as the application layer (industrial IoT, smart logistics, smart retail, smart city, smart park, smart home, etc.).

HIGHJOIN launched wireless pressure transmitter HPM280W, HPM81W and wireless level transmitter HPM420W, wireless temperature transmitter HPM208W and wireless data receiver and display module to the exhibition.

In the next few months, HIGHJOIN will participate in:

- 5th to 7th, November, Zhengzhou World sensor congress

With the theme of "Perceiving the World and Creating the Future with Intelligence", the 2023 World Sensor Conference will invite well-known experts, scholars, and business representatives from the global sensor field to participate, focusing on exchanges on hot issues such as the development frontier of sensing technology, international development trends, and industrialization development, aiming to promote international exchanges and cooperation.

- 13th to 15th, November, The 63rd National Pharmaceutical Machinery Expo (Autumn 2023) and China International Pharmaceutical Machinery Expo (Autumn 2023) in Xiamen China.

The National Pharmaceutical Machinery Expo and China International Pharmaceutical Machinery Expo (hereinafter referred to as the Expo, CIPM) were first held in the 1990s and are held every spring and autumn. Since 2004, they have been continuously designated by the Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China. Listed as one of the key exhibitions supported, it has been approved by the Ministry of Commerce as the International Pharmaceutical Machinery Expo since 2008. It is a pharmaceutical equipment industry exchange platform recognized by the industry as professional, international, large-scale, with comprehensive exhibits and large audiences, and integrating trade and research.

HIGHJOIN not only puts lots of efforts on product iteration, renew, upgrade, but also pay attention to the customer experience and face to face information exchange with customer.  We are pleased to meet you in exhibition, know more about HIGHJOIN and choose us as your partner.

Our product philosophy is specialization, customization, and intelligence.

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