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HDM5101 Intelligent digital display light column controller

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The intelligent Light Column display controller utilizes advanced micro-processing for versatile and intelligent control of physical values such as temperature, pressure, humidity, liquid level, flow, and speed. It features an industrial-grade ARM single-chip microcomputer and American power management chip for reliable operation. The controller supports full-scale measurement of thermal resistance and thermocouples, with customizable standard current and voltage ranges. It includes a 40-segment super-bright LED analog light bar for precise percentage-based display, particularly suitable for liquid and material level indication. The device offers four-way relay alarm outputs with optional upper and lower limits, and multiple alarm modes. It can be configured for various control modes, including over lower limit, lower limit, upper limit, and over upper limit, to meet diverse on-site requirements. Additionally, it provides high-speed analog transmission output with optional range, ensuring compatibility with different analog acquisition modules.

Technical Parameters

Measurement accuracy0.2%FS
Transmission accuracy0.5%FS
Power supplyAC/DC86~265V / DC24V
Sampling rate5/sec
Analog light column40-segment LED indication
Feed outputDC24V/50mA (precision voltage regulation, with output short circuit protection)
Transmitting output0~20mA, 4~20mA, 0-10V
CommunicationRS485 (RTU protocol)
Relay contactAC250V 7A
Working temperature-10~50ºC

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