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HP10BL Voltage I2C RS485 Output Low Power Consumption Pressure Sensor

Measuring range:-100kPa…0~10kPa…100MPa (Gauge pressure)
Output: I2C, RS485 or 0.25~1.25、0.5~2.5V etc
Supply: 3.0~5.5 VDC or 3.1~8.0 VDC
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HP10BL low power consumption pressure sensor adopts a small structure design, uses a high-performance silicon piezoresistive sensor, and is assembled and produced through a strict process with a dedicated electronic conditioning circuit. This product has the characteristics of stainless-steel appearance, multiple output signals, wide temperature range compensation, and high accuracy. In addition, the pressure sensor inside the product adopts an isolated diaphragm structure, which can complete the pressure measurement and control of various media such as gas, liquid, steam and so on.


  • IoT

  • Industrial process control


  • Dedicated design for IoT

  • Can be powered by external lithium battery

  • Low power consumption

  • Support I2C, RS485 or voltage signal output

  • Compact size and easy to install

  • All stainless steel structure

  • Support customer customization

Technical Parameters

Measuring Medium

Various liquids and gases compatible with   contact materials

Measuring Range

-100kPa…0~10kPa…100MPa (Gauge)



1.5 times of full range scale

Output Signal

I2C           /     Vs=3.0~5.5 VDC      

RS485       /     Vs=3.0~5.5 VDC  

0.25~1.25、0.5~2.5V  etc./     Vs=3.1~8.0 VDC    

Power consumption (I2C output)

Normal working mode <3mA

Sleep mode <100nA

Wake-up time 4ms

Power consumption (RS485 output)

Working current: 0.2~0.3mA when communicate   once per second.

Collection time: ~80ms

Power consumption (voltage output)



±0.5% FS (typical) @25℃

±0.25% FS (optional) @25℃

Long term accuracy

±0.25% FS/year

Our product philosophy is specialization, customization, and intelligence.

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