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HP15M Piezoresistive Diffusion Silicon 19mm Pressure Sensor

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The HP15M pressure sensor is designed with an oil-filled OEM pressure sensitive element that is isolated by a 316 stainless steel corrugated diaphragm. It utilizes an internationally advanced high stability and high precision silicon pressure chip for chip selection. The product is manufactured using the latest production technology and high-precision production and inspection equipment, ensuring excellent stability. The company has also developed a special integrated circuit for temperature compensation and non-linear correction, allowing for wide temperature zone (-20 ~ 80 ℃) operation and direct output of a standard (4 ~ 20)mADC telecommunication signal. With its convenient docking capability, easy assembly, and strong applicability, the HP15M pressure sensor can be widely used for fluid pressure detection in various applications, effectively reducing repetition rates.


  • With gauge pressure, absolute pressure, sealing pressure form
  • Isolated structure, suitable for a variety of fluid media
  • Standard Φ19mm sensor universal size
  • All stainless steel 316L material
  • Standard (4~20) mA output
  • 6.High accuracy: 0.25 level of non-linear accuracy at room temperature, 0.5 level of
  • integrated accuracy within the compensation temperature range
  • -20 ~ 80 ℃ wide temperature zone compensation

Technical Parameters

Pressure Range



HP15M pressure sensor


±0.5%FS(Standard) ±0.25%FS (Option)

Output Signal


Working Temperature


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