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HPM18V 4-20mA Diaphgragm Gauge Capacitive Vacuum Gauge

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HPM18V is a capacitive vacuum gauge, also called capacitive film gauge (CDG). Thisproduct uses a ceramic capacitive sensor as a sensitive element and uses a vacuumconnection to directly measure pressure. Its analog output signals such as 0-5 or 0-10VDC are proportional to the measured pressure and are not affected by the type and composition of the process gas. Ceramics have the characteristics of high elasticity, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and fast heat dissipation, which makes the vacuum gauge have very good thermal stability and extremely low temperature drift.


  • Vacuum application

  • Laboratory and research and development

  • Semiconductor industry

  • Vacuum packaging

  • Plasma etching process equipment


  • Capacitor film principle
  • High precision and good stability
  • Has excellent anti-overload capability
  • Detection is not affected by gas type and composition
  • Fast response and small hysteresis
  • Direct pressure measurement, the analog output signal is proportional to the measured pressure
  • Support various pressure interfaces KF, CF, VCR, etc. in the vacuum industry

Technical Parameters

Measuring Medium

Various gases compatible with contact materials

Pressure Range



±0.1%FS,±0.25%FS,±0.5%FS(subject to measuring range)

Working Temperature


Supply Voltage


8.5~30 VDC



(subject to output)

Output Signal

4~20mADC, voltage,RS485

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