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HPM4119 Φ19mm Slim Water Liquid Level Transmitter

Pressure Range: 0~1...350mH2O
Probe diameter:19mm
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The HPM4119 Mini-diameter liquid level transmitter is a compact and fully sealed submersible device designed for measuring the level and depth of water and wastewater. It utilizes high-quality and highly stable pressure sensors as its sensing element.

Featuring a slim 19mm diameter probe, this product is suitable for installations with particularly small inlets. It is versatile and can be used in various applications including groundwater monitoring, deep well liquid level measurement, lift stations, above ground tanks, and stock tanks.

The transmitter's shell is constructed using a fully welded process, ensuring robustness and reliability. The shell, cables, and other connections are carefully sealed to prevent any leakage. Furthermore, the transmitter undergoes a full potting process, guaranteeing a long service life even in demanding environments.

With its superior design and construction, the HPM4119 Mini-diameter liquid level transmitter finds extensive applications in groundwater detection, water treatment, industrial process control, and other similar scenarios.


  • Water purification sector

  • Subterranean water sources, profound boreholes

  • Environmental conservation sector, Marine applications

  • Operational management in industrial settings


  • Compact Ф19mm diameter for effortless installation.

  • High accuracy up to 0.1% full scale.

  • Excellent stability achieved through comprehensive digital compensation across the entire temperature range.

  • Robust fully welded structure.

  • Wide measuring range, spanning from 1m to 350m.

  • Dual anti-condensation and condensation design.

  • Multiple protective structure design, ensuring IP68 rating support.

Technical Parameters

Pressure Range



Note: The   measurement unit can be converted into ftH2O@4℃, inH2O@4℃, m, mm, etc.

Need to give the   density value of the measuring medium when the unit is m, mm, etc.


1.5 times pressure range of full scale

Measuring Medium

Various liquids   compatible with contact materials

Output Signal/

Power Supply

2-wire 4~20mADC/Vs=10~30 VDC

3-wire 0~10V/Vs=12~30 VDC

3-wire 0~5V/Vs=10~30 VDC

3-wire 0.25~1.25V、0.5~2.5V/Vs=2.8~5.5VDC

Accuracy±0.25%FS(typical), ±0.1%FS(optional)
Long-term Stability±0.2%FS(Reference 25℃,typical);
±0.1%FS(Reference 25℃,optional)

Response time

±0.25%FS(typical), ±0.1%FS(optional)

Our product philosophy is specialization, customization, and intelligence.

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