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HPTM189 Up To 350℃ High Temperature Pressure & Temperature Transmitter

Temperature Range: -40~200℃, up to 350℃ on demand;±0.5℃ accuracy
Pressure Range:-100kPa...0~2kPa...100MPa
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HPTM189 temperature and pressure transmitter is an industry-leading and unique device designed to provide accurate and simultaneous measurement of both pressure and temperature. It incorporates a highly stable pressure-sensitive element for independent pressure measurement and a high-accuracy temperature-sensitive element for precise temperature measurement of the medium.

Despite its compact size, the transmitter offers a wide range of options for pressure and electrical interfaces, making it versatile for various applications. The transmitter's unique breathable design is particularly beneficial for measuring small pressure differentials, ensuring more stable and reliable pressure measurements.

The innovative design of the front temperature sensing element surpasses traditional temperature measurement methods by introducing a smaller temperature difference. This advancement enables more accurate and precise measurement of medium temperature.

The HPTM189 transmitter is specifically engineered to meet the requirements of accurately measuring multiple parameters at a single measurement point. It finds extensive use in industrial process control applications where simultaneous measurement of pressure and temperature of fluids is essential.


Integrated temperature and pressure measurement of fluids in the field of 

  • industrial process control

  • scientific research


  • Measuring temperature and pressure at the same time

  • Up to +-0.2% accuracy for pressure measuring

  • PT100 front-mounted design, much smaller error

  • Breathable design, pressure measurement more stable

  • Variety of electrical interfaces for choice

Technical Parameters

Pressure Range

-100kPa...0~2kPa...100MPa   (gauge pressure)

0~10kPa…10MPa(absolute pressure)

Temperature Range

-40~200℃, up to 350℃ on demand

Note: Supports   customized intermediate range, such as 0~150℃, etc.

Measuring Medium

Various liquids, gases and various compatible with contact materials

Output Signal/Power   Supply(option 1

Pressure:2-wire 4~20mADC/ Vs=10~30 VDC

Temperature:3-wire PT100/PT1000  or 2-wire 4~20mADC/ Vs=10~30 VDC

Output Signal/Power   Supplyoption 2

Pressure & Temperature:two way 3-wire 0~5VDC / Vs=8.5~30 VDC

Output Signal/Power   Supplyoption 3

Pressure:3-wire 0~10VDC / Vs=12~30 VDC

Temperature:3-wire 0~10VDC / Vs=12~30 VDC

Output Signal/Power   Supplyoption 4

4-wire Modbus-RTU/RS485  / Vs=10~30 VDC (Normal)

/ Vs=3.1~8 VDC  (battery supply, low   power consumption mode)

Accuracy(pressure measure)

±0.5%FS (typical), ±0.2%FS (optional)

±0.5℃  (temperature   measure, -40℃≤medium temperature≤200℃)

±1.0℃  (temperature   measure, 200℃≤medium temperature≤350℃)

Accuracy(temperature measure)

±0.5℃  (-40℃≤medium temperature≤200℃)

±1.0℃  (200℃≤medium temperature≤350℃)

Our product philosophy is specialization, customization, and intelligence.

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