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HPM5010 PNP NPN Voltage RS485 Output Intelligent Pressure Switch

Pressure Range: -100kPa…0~0.01…60MPa
Output:relay output, 4~20mA
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HPM5010 Intelligent pressure controller adopts high integration ARM and industrial grade MCU as the core and combines with high-accuracy AD converter and high-stability pressure sensor. It is carefully calibrated to ensure fast and accurate pressure measurement and switching action. Three large touch buttons with backlight and with display function design can make the field setting very conveniently. This product combines pressure switch, transmitter and display together and is equipped with two-way switch output (PNP or NPN), one-way analog output signal and one-way RS485 interface. It can be used to monitor pressure for liquid and gas. It is suitable for machinery manufacturing, machine tool system, hydraulic and pneumatic systems, pressure monitoring, pumps, compressors, and other general industrial fields


  • Hydroelectricity
  • Energy

  • Chemical

  • Machinery

  • Hydraulic and other industries


  • Electronic switch, voltage, current output

  • the switching point can be set, and the switch can be set to normally open or normally close.

  • the range can be migrated.

  • OLED self-luminous display, display can be rotated 180°

  • the main body rotates 330°, easy to observe.

Technical Parameters

Measuring Medium

various liquid and gas compatible with 304 stainless steel

Pressure Range




Supply   Voltage

24V DC

Temperature shift

±0.02% FS/℃(zero scale / full scale)

Long-term   Stability



2×PNP + 0V~5VDC/10VDC   + MODBUS


2×PNP + 0mA/4mA~20mA +   MODBUS

Switching Current


Switch Type

normally open、normally   close(can be set)

Switch Reaction


Switch Delay


Switch Motion Mode

hysteresis mode or window mode

Our product philosophy is specialization, customization, and intelligence.

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