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HS-DPS-B-J Monocrystalline Silicon Differential Pressure Module

Accuracy:﹢/- 0.1% FS
Measuring range: -0.1Mpa~3Mpa
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The HS-DPS-B-J Differential Pressure Module is an exceptional pressure transmitter that employs cutting-edge single crystal silicon pressure sensor technology and an advanced packaging process. Its unique design includes a double overload protection diaphragm and surge protection circuitry, ensuring precise measurements of gauge pressure, absolute pressure, flow, vacuum, level, and density. This versatile transmitter is ideal for process control applications across various industries, including petroleum, chemical, metallurgical, electric power, food, paper, pharmaceutical, machinery manufacturing, scientific experiments, and aviation.


  • Extensive range coverage from -0.1 to 3MPa

  • Utilizes a two-wire system with 4~20mA output and supports HART protocol

  • Equipped with an intelligent LCD display that includes a backlight for enhanced visibility

  • Allows for both remote transmission and local adjustment of zero and range settings

  • Offers a comprehensive range, exceptional accuracy, and remarkable stability

  • Designed to withstand high static pressure and provide reliable overload protection

  • Incorporates a dual overload protection diaphragm configuration

Technical Parameters

Pressure Range

±1kPa; ±6kPa;±40kPa;


Monocrystalline Differential Pressure Sensor


±0.2%FS ,0.1%FS. (Subject to pressure range)
Output Signal


Working Temperature


Electrical Connection

Cable gland (M20*1.5)

Process Connetion


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