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HPM87 0.1%FS Hart Protocol Single Flange Connection Differential Pressure Transmitter

Accuracy:﹢/- 0.1% FS
Measuring range: -4Mpa~4Mpa
Option: Exd IIC T4-T6 Gb 
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The HPM87 Monocrystalline Silicon Flange Diaphragm Pressure Sensor utilizes advanced MEMS technology from Germany. Using a high-precision monocrystalline silicon core sensor, the transmitter has a built-in signal processing module that combines static pressure compensation and temperature compensation to ensure excellent measurement accuracy and long-term stability. Even under varying conditions, the HPM87 can accurately measure differential pressures and provide 4-20mADC+HART signal output. It can be operated locally using three buttons or remotely via manual operator, configuration software.


  • High accuracy and stability

  • Single Flange Diaphragm

  • Intelligent compensation for temperature and static pressure

  • Flexible compression range

  • 5-bit LCD digital display with backlight and a built-in three-button interface for quick adjustments and field operations.

  • Multiple display units such as mA, Pa, kPa, MPa, bar, mbar, %, psi, and mmH2O.

  • Diverse anti-corrosion materials

  • Comprehensive self-diagnostic function

Technical Parameters

Pressure Range



Monocrystalline Differential Pressure Sensor


±0.1%FS(Standard) ±0.2%FS (Option)

Output Signal


Working Temperature


Electrical Connection

Cable gland (M20*1.5)

Process Connetion

Flange connection

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