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Industrial sensors are key to smart manufacturing

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Sensors are known as "industrial artifacts". It is detection devices which can sense the measured information and convert it into electrical signals or other required forms of information output to meet the requirements of information transmission, processing, storage, display, recording and control.

With the development of modern information technology today, sensors are becoming more and more important. IoT, artificial intelligence, smart manufacturing, etc. are all inseparable from sensors. Sensors have naturally incarnated as human beings' extension organs that connect machines, humans themselves, and the natural environment. They help humans turn once unknowable and difficult-to-judge information into easily obtainable and more accurate data, sensors have become the most important infrastructure in the digital society.

Sensors are designed based on the physical, chemical, and biological properties and laws of materials. There are many classification methods for sensors.

For example,

- According to the input, sensors can be divided into pressure, displacement, speed, temperature, humidity, etc.

- According to measurement principles, sensors can be divided into physical sensors, chemical sensors, and biological sensors. Such as voltage type, thermoelectric type, resistance type, photoelectric type, induction type, etc.

- According to manufacturing process, there are diffused silicon sensors, monocrystalline silicon sensors, ceramic sensors, Glass micro melting sensors, sapphire sensors etc.

- According to output, there are analog (4~20mA, 0~5V, 0.5~4.5V), digital (RS485, I2C) or switch signal (PNP, NPN)

Sensors are already widely used in environmental monitoring, traffic management, medical health, agriculture and animal husbandry, fire safety, production and manufacturing, aerospace, electronic products, and other fields.

Especially in industrial process control, for example, printing and dyeing industry, SFC system, sensors collect real-time data of a series of parameters such as water, electricity, steam, temperature, humidity, chemical concentration, width, pattern accuracy, etc. And the automatic control device makes online real-time adjustments according to the process requirements and data collection. Also, sensors automatically measure and configure the materials and chemicals in printing and dyeing workshops. During this whole process, there is no need for manual labor intervention, and the whole process is automatically completed by intelligent equipment. Which greatly reduces the operation error and improves the accuracy of the dye preparation compared with the traditional weighing and chemical method. Also reduces labor, improve labor productivity.

HIGHJOIN focus on industrial automation for over 15 years, and especially have great experiences for pressure sensor, pressure transmitter, level transmitter, temperature transmitter and so on. HIGHJOIN has complete pressure transmitter product series such as

- Industrial/club-shaped/compact type pressure transmitter

- Protective pressure transmitter

- Differential pressure transmitter

- Hygienic pressure transmitter

- High-precise Intelligent pressure transmitter

- Submersible level transmitter

- Level meter

- Temperature transmitter

- Switch control

HIGHJOIN always focus on product quality and customer satisfaction, each product passes a strict manufacture and qualify process before delivery. Company has been issued as ISO9001:2005 qualification organization.  And HPM1*, HPM2*, HPM3*, HPM4*, HPM7*    series products also have CE certificates.

Also, HIGHJOIN puts lots of efforts on product iteration, renew, upgrade, helping customer improving the efficiency with most suitable, stable, accuracy products and decrease the costs.

Whether it is Germany's "Industry 4.0", American Industrial Internet, or Made in China 2025, these all use smart sensing technology as the base to perceive the environment data, helping whole manufacture process more intelligent, refinement.

Our product philosophy is specialization, customization, and intelligence.

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