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Incoming Inspection

Before each order is officially produced, we screen and inspect every part of the product to make sure there are no problems.


Screened products will enter the warehouse, waiting to be assembled for production.


The assembly of the product is carried out by professional workers, welding wires, wiring connections and other processes, and finally completing the whole product assembly.


Laser welding is one of the features of our products, especially for our submersible level transmitters, as these are put directly into the water for measurement, laser welding is an important process to ensure a good seal.


Laser marking can better indicate the manufacturer's origin and product parameters of a product. Besides, we also support OEM, if you want to customize the label content, we can change it according to your requirements.

Calibration & Testing

Calibration and testing are the most important process in the entire production. According to the customer's parameter requirements of the instrumentation for the setup, calibration, and record the data of the relevant test points, after the completion of the test again to ensure the accuracy of the instruments.


Aging is a step that should not be overlooked. Once the product is assembled, it is usually left energized for 24 hours to observe its stability.

Delivery Inspection

Factory testing is the final step in the production process, and only when the product has been inspected and passed again will we officially begin packaging for shipment.


Product packaging is usually wrapped in cardboard boxes with plastic bubble wrap inside and outside for better protection to avoid damage during transportation.
Our product philosophy is specialization, customization, and intelligence.

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