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FS50 All Stainless Steel Water Flow Paddle Flow Switch

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FS50 paddle flow switch comprises a paddle system with a permanent magnetattached. It follows the simple and reliable design concept and greatly improves thereliability of the flow switch from the structure, which is not comparable to thetraditional target type flow switch. Mechanical flow switch with built-in micro trigger switch, very small pressure loss, good repeatability, and high dirt resistance. The mechanical part is safely isolated from the electrical part.Pipeline type baffle type flow switch does not contain bellows that are prone to failure, the electrical parts do not directly do not directly contact with metal parts with large temperature difference, there is no problem of condensation generated by the electrical parts leading to rust and corrosion. The product uses the imported micro switch as the electrical action parts, through the current is large, completely avoid the problem of improper use of the min switch easily damaged, suitable for central air conditioning and industrial fluid control.

Technical Parameters

Switch type


  closes at increasing flow

  opens at decreasing flow

Reversing possible

Pressure rating


Temperature ranges

medium temperature

-25...110 °C

ambient temperature

-25...80 °C

Electrical data

Electrical connection

Switching current

0.7 m PVC jacket cable

Max. 1 A

Switching voltage

Max. 230 VAC, 48 VDC


Max. 26 VA, 20 W

Protection grade


Our product philosophy is specialization, customization, and intelligence.

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