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HFM500 PNP/NPN/ Relay SPDT DPDT Thermal Flow Switch

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HFM500 thermal flow switch adopts the principle of thermal diffusion. The temperature difference between the two sensors can be used as the basis for measuring the flow rate. When the flow rate of the medium increases, the temperature difference decreases and vice versa. After processing, the temperature difference value is converted into standard electrical signal output and displayed.


  •  All-metal shell design, no moving parts, maintenance-free and easy to install.

  •  One model is suitable for various pipe diameter requirements. The switching value is continuously adjustable.

  •  Pressure loss low

  • Compact structure. 6-LED displays flow trend and switching status.

Technical Parameters

Measuring Range

Water: 1...150cm/s (Most sensitive range 1...60cm/s)

Oil: 3...300cm/s (Most sensitive range 3...100cm/s)

Air: 20...2000cm/s (Most sensitive range 20...700cm/s)

Measuring Medium

Water, Oil, Air

Withstand Pressure


Initialization Time


Response Time

1...15s, related to thermal conductivity of medium, typical value 2s

Supply Voltage


Output type

PNP/NPN/ Relay Optional

Operating Temperature


Medium Temperature


Probe Material


Wiring Method

M12 Connector

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