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HP314 and HP318 Low-cost Ceramic Piezoresistive Sensor

Measuring range: 2-600bar
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The HP31x series temperature compensation concave film ceramic piezoresistive pressure sensor is an ideal pressure sensor.It can be integrated directly with the control circuit of the device after packaging the shell.


·Available for mass production, high performance,low cost O.E.M. applications

·Complete internal protection against humidity and condensation effects

· Excellent corrosion resistance, can be in direct contact with corrosive gas and liquid

·Compact size, easy to package

Technical Parameters

Measured range


Dimension(diameter x thickness)


Maximum excitation voltage

30 Vdc

Bridge resistance


Zero offset

≤± 0.2mv /V

Insulation resistance


Comprehensive accuracy

(Linearity, hysteresis)

< 0.3% FS all range except 2bar

<  0.5% FS 2bar


<  0.2% FS

Zero-point long-term stability

±0.25% FSO, typ. (no time accumulation) reference: 20ºC

Direct contact with liquid materials

96% aluminum oxide (AL3O2)

Operating temperature

-40 up to + 135ºC

Storage temperature

-50 up to + 150ºC

Temperature drift (zero & sensitivity)

Range 2bar ~ 50 bar:≤±0.03% FS/ºC (0ºC-85ºC)

Range >50 bar:≤±0.04% FS/ºC (0ºC-85ºC)

Relative humidity

0- 99%

Sensor weight

< 7g

Our product philosophy is specialization, customization, and intelligence.

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