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HPM5100 Relay/PNP/NPN Output Intelligent Electronic Pressure Switch

Pressure Range: -100kPa…0~10kPa…60MPa
Output:relay, NPN/NPN, 4~20mA
Pressure range: -100kPa…0~0.01…60MPa
Output: relay, 4~20mA
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HPM5100 intelligent pressure switch is a fully electronic structure. The front end uses high-precision and high-stable silicon piezoresistive sensors coupled with a dedicated electronic conditioning circuit and is assembled and produced through strict technological processes. This product has an on-site display and can output one channel of 4~20mA analog value and can also output two channels of electronic switching value or one channel of relay switching value. This product has various process interfaces and supports thread installation or chuck installation interfaces.


  • automated machinery and equipment

  • environmental protection

  • petrochemical

  • water treatment and other industries.


  • 4-digit LED or LCD display

  • Supports kinds of switch signal

  • Button adjustment and on-site setting of various parameters, easy to operate.

  • Shell is equipped with led for easy observation.

  • Supports various process connections such as threads and clamps.

Technical Parameters

Measuring   range



Note: Maximum pressure is 2MPa for clamp   connection.


1.5 times   of full scale

Measuring   medium

various liquid, gas   compatible with contact materials

Output   Signal

4~20mADC   / Vs=12~32VDC

4~20mADC   + Two electronic switch outputs / Vs=12~32VDC

4~20mADC   + One way relay switch output / Vs=18~32VDC



Long   term stability


Transistor   switch alarm

Switch   type: NPN or PNP

load   capacity: ≤300mADC    24VDC

Switch   life: >100   Thousands of times

Relay   switch alarm

Switch   type: Relay

load   capacity: ≤1ADC   24VDC

Switch   life: about 10 thousands of times

Our product philosophy is specialization, customization, and intelligence.

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