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HPTM410 Combined Submersible Temperature & Pressure Transmitter

Temperature Range: -40~200℃, up to 350℃ on demand;±0.5℃ accuracy
Pressure Range:-100kPa...0~2kPa...100MPa
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HPTM410 combined temperature and pressure transmitter adopts a fully sealed submersible structure and can obtain two signals of liquid level and temperature at the same time. This type of transmitter is composed of pressure and temperature sensors that have passed long-term stability and reliability tests and high-precision signal conditioning special circuits, which are packed into a stainless-steel shell. The integrated structure and standardized signals provide convenience for on-site use and automatic control. The special cable is sealed with the housing and can be used in liquids compatible with the transmitter structural material for a long time.

It has small size, light weight, and good long-term stability. It is suitable for simultaneous measurement and control of liquid level and temperature in urban water supply and drainage, hydrological exploration, water affairs and chemical industry.


Integrated temperature and pressure measurement of fluids in the field of 

  • industrial process control

  • scientific research


  • Parallel measurement of temperature and pressure

  • Probe submersible measurement, simple and convenient

  • The sensor part put into the liquid is a fully sealed stainless steel structure

  • Supports a variety of output signals

Technical Parameters

Level Range


Note: The measurement   unit can be converted to mH2O, inH2O, m, mm, etc.

When using m, mm, etc. as   the unit, please give the density value of the measurement medium.

Temperature Range


Note: Supports customized   intermediate range, such as 0~60℃, etc.

Measuring Medium

Various liquids   compatible with contact materials

Output Signal/Power   Supply(option 1

Level:2-wire 4~20mADC/ Vs=10~30 VDC

Temperature:3-wire PT100/PT1000

Output Signal/Power   Supplyoption 2

Level:2-wire 4~20mADC/ Vs=10~30 VDC

Temperature:2-wire 4~20mADC/ Vs=10~30 VDC

Output Signal/Power   Supplyoption 3

Level:3-wire 0~5VDC / Vs=8.5~30 VDC

Temperature:3-wire 0~5VDC / Vs=8.5~30 VDC

Output Signal/Power Supplyoption 4

Level:3-wire 0~10VDC / Vs=12~30 VDC

Temperature:3-wire 0~10VDC / Vs=12~30 VDC

Output Signal/Power   Supplyoption 5

4-wire Modbus-RTU/RS485  / Vs=10~30 VDC (Normal)

/ Vs=3.1~8 VDC  (battery supply, low power consumption mode)


±0.5%FS (Level measure),

±0.4℃  (temperature   measure)

Our product philosophy is specialization, customization, and intelligence.

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