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HPM47W-RPN Anti-Corrossive Submersible Level Sensor

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The HPM47W-RPN input-type anti-corrosion pressure transmitter has a fully sealed submersible structure and uses an anti-corrosion ceramic piezoresistive pressure sensor. The probe put into the medium is made of PP, PVC and the gas cable is made of corrosion-resistant materials such as PVDF or PTFE, and the gas cable uses special anti-corrosion liquid level wires made of PTFE. It is mainly used for liquid level measurement of corrosive media such as acids and alkalis.

This product has multiple designs for reliable sealing in the connections of the shell, wires, etc., and a full potting process is used internally to ensure that the product has a long service life and is widely used.


  • Liquid Chemical Storage

  • Tank level measurement

  • Tank monitoring system

  • Pharmaceutical and environmental protection industry


  • High-purity ceramic material (96% Al2O3) sensor

  • Whole welding process

  • Fluorine rubber ring sealing

  • Whole potting process, high    molecular sieve, prevent dew

  • Built-in weight block in product

Our product philosophy is specialization, customization, and intelligence.

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