HTP130 High Temperature Resistance -40~300℃ Surface Temperature Sensor

Measuring Range: -40~300℃
Output: PT100 2-wire,3-wire
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HTP130 surface temperature sensor has a built-in PT100 platinum thermal resistor and can be used to detect the surface temperature of motors, reducers, and other mechanical and electrical equipment. The sensor adopts four-wire resistance signal output, which meets the requirements of temperature measuring instruments using two-wire, three-wire or four-wire connection methods.


surface temperature measuring in:

  • energy

  • chemical industry

  • textile

  • other scientific research and production.


  • sheet shape, thickness only 1mm

  • with mounting holes with a diameter of 4.3mm

  • with three-core shielded cable, which can be easily connected to secondary instruments using two-wire or three-wire systems.

Technical Parameters

Temperature Range




Output Signal

PT100   (100.0 ~ 157.31 Ω)


PTFE silver plated shielded wire

Relative humidity

no more   than 98% (refer to 25℃)

Atmospheric pressure


Overall dimensions

8*10, 4.3 holes, 1mm thick

Working environment

No significant vibration or impact situations

Protection Grade


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