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HDM1300 Single Loop Pid Control Digital Temperature Controller

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HDM1300 PID Pressure/Temperature Controller instrument, fool operation, a 0.3 magnitude measurement precision, seven new appearance size, double four LED display, can support the thermocouple, heat resistance, voltage (root operation), current (root operation) and input in the transmitter, suitable temperature, pressure, flow, liquid level, humidity, such as industrial process monitoring. It supports 2-way alarm function, 1-way transformer output or RS485 communication interface using standard MODBUS protocol, 1-way DC24V feed output, photoelectric isolation of input end, output end and power end, 100-240V AC/DC or 12-36V DC switching power supply, standard snap-in installation, working environment temperature is 0-50ºC, and relative humidity is 5-85%RH without condensation.

Technical Parameters

External dimension

Hole dimension

External dimension

Hole dimension

160*80mm(Horizontal type)


96*96mm(Square type)


80*160mm(Vertical type)


72*72mm(Square type)


96*48mm(Horizontal type)


48*48mm(Square type)


48*96mm(Vertical type)


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