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HPM711 G1 G1/2 Thread Flush Diaphragm Sanitary Type Pressure Transmitter

Accuracy:±0.5%FS (std.) ±0.25%FS (opt.)
Measuring range: -100kPa…0~10kPa…60MPa
Working temperature: -40~100ºC...150℃
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The HPM711 flush diaphragm sanitary pressure transmitter is designed with a flush diaphragm that directly senses the pressure signal. It incorporates a silicon pressure chip as the sensitive element and utilizes standard silicone oil or sanitary oil as the pressure transmission medium.

Specifically designed for measuring viscous, pasty, crystallized, and particle-containing media that can potentially block conventional process connections, the HPM711 with a flat diaphragm is highly suitable. Additionally, for high-temperature media up to 150°C, there are models available with integrated radiators.

The HPM711 flush diaphragm sanitary pressure transmitter offers several advantages. Firstly, it directly senses pressure through the exposed diaphragm on the thread end face, making it ideal for applications in the medical and food industries that require hygienic conditions. Secondly, it is well-suited for measuring viscous fluid pressure and level without encountering problems such as scaling, blockage, or compromised sanitation.

With its innovative design and reliable performance, the HPM711 flush diaphragm sanitary pressure transmitter ensures accurate and consistent measurement in challenging environments. It is a dependable solution for applications that require precise pressure measurement in the presence of viscous or potentially obstructive media, while maintaining hygienic standards.


  • Pressure measurement in industrial process control field

  • Food and beverage industry

  • Pharmaceutical industry

  • Liquid level measurement


  • Flush diaphragm design

  • Sanitary pressure interface

  • Multiple electrical interfaces

  • Diverse process connections

Technical Parameters

Measuring MediumVarious liquid, gas, or steam compatible with contact material
Measuring Range-100kPa…0~10kPa…60MPa(G)
Overload1.5 times of full scale
Output Signal/Power supply4~20mADC/ Vs=8~30 VDC
0~10VDC  /Vs=12~30 VDC
0~5VDC   /Vs=8.5~30V or 3.1~8 VDC  (Higher than max output voltage 0.4V as least)
4~20mADC + HART / Vs =12~32 VDC
Accuracy±0.5%FS (Standard)
±0.25%FS (option)
Long-term Stability±0.50%FS/year,≤100kPa
Compensation temperature range-5~60ºC
Temperature Coefficient of Zero±0.4%FS/10ºC(in compensation range,≤100kPa)
±0.3%FS/10ºC(in compensation range,>100kPa)
Temperature Coefficient of Full Scale±0.3%FS/10ºC(in compensation range)
Operation Temperature-40~80ºC
Medium Temperature-40~100ºC(without cooling element)
-40~150ºC(with cooling element)
Storage Temperature-40~100ºC
Protection GradeIP65 for Hirschmann electrical connection (code: C1)
IP69K for M12*1 electrical connection (code C5)
IP67 for cable outlet (code C2)
Short circuit protectionAlways

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