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HPM760 Side Top LCD Display Flat Diaphgram Pressure Transmitter

Measuring range: -100kPa…0~10kPa…2.5MPa
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The HPM760 sanitary pressure transmitter features a solid stainless steel structure with a seamlessly molded shell, combining durability and aesthetics. Designed for hygiene, it complies with GMP, EHEDG, and FDA standards. Utilizing a flat membrane to directly sense pressure signals and a silicon pressure core as the sensitive component, this product incorporates an internal processing circuit to convert sensor signals into standard voltage or current outputs. Through automatic testing and laser resistance adjustment, it ensures high performance and wide temperature range compensation. Rigorously tested for long-term aging and stability, the HPM760 offers stable and reliable operation. Equipped with an on-site digital display, the hygienic pressure transmitter allows direct pressure sensing through an exposed diaphragm on the chuck's end face, effectively preventing issues like scaling, unhygienic blockages, and viscous pressure clogs. Widely used in pharmaceuticals, food processing, brewing, dairy, juice, and beverage industries, it is ideal for pressure and liquid level measurements.


  • Food and drink sector

  • Pharmaceutical sector

  • Liquid level monitoring

  • Industrial process pressure control


  • Flush membrane structure
  • Integral stainless steel integrated structure
  • On-site display, and output standard remote signal at the same time
  • Optional structure with heat sink to cope with high temperature media
  • Multiple process connections

Technical Parameters

Pressure Range

Gauge Pressure


Absolute Pressure



1.5x of full scale

Measuring Medium


Various liquids and gases compatible with contact materials

Output/Power Supply


Two wire:4~20mA   /  Vs=8~30V


Two wire:4~20mA+HART    /  Vs=12~32V


Three wire:0~10V    /  Vs=12~30V



±0.5%FS   @ 25℃

Long term stability



(includes linearity, hysteresis, and repeatability)*

Our product philosophy is specialization, customization, and intelligence.

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