HPM560 Normally Open PNP/NPN Intelligent Pressure Switch

Pressure Range: -100kPa…0~0.01…60MPa
Output:NPN/PNP, 4~20mA
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HPM560 Intelligent pressure switch is all electronic structure and adopts silicon piezoresistive pressure sensor with isolation diaphragm at the front end. This product is processed through specialized signal processing circuit, with field display, can out put IAO and 2DI. It combines pressure measurement, display, output and control together. With

the flexibility, easy operation, safety and reliability, this intelligent digital pressure controller can be widely used in hydropower, petroleum, chemical, machi nery, hydraulic and other industries


  • Hydropower

  • Petroleum

  • Chemical

  • Machinery

  • Hydraulic and other industries


  • 4 bit LED field display.

  • Pressure preset switching point and delay exchange output

  • Switching value can be set arbitrarily from zero scale to full scale

  • Shell with action nodes light emitting diode, easy to observe

  • Key adjustable and field setting various parameters, easy to operate

  • Two way electronic switching output with load capacity 1.2A

  • A nalog output 4~20mA

Technical Parameters

Measuring Range


Accuracy   Grade



≤0.2% /year

Temperature Drift


Display Mode

4 bit Nixie tube

Display Range


Power Voltage


Current Consumption


load capacity


Switch Type


Respond Time


Switch life

>1 million times

Ingress Protection


Medium Temperature


Ambient Temperature


Storage Temperature


vibration resistance


impact resistance




Interface material

304 Stainless Steel

Our product philosophy is specialization, customization, and intelligence.

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