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HPM718-H High Temperature Flush Membrane Ceramic Capacitor Pressure Transmitter

Accuracy:±0.25%FS (std.) 0.1%FS(opt.)
Measuring range: -100kPa…0~2.5kPa…100bar
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The HPM718-H high-temperature flush membrane pressure transmitter features an advanced ceramic capacitive pressure sensor for sensitivity, threaded installation, and a flush membrane design. Ceramics offer high elasticity, wear, and corrosion resistance, along with fast heat dissipation, ensuring excellent thermal stability in a wide temperature range. With a minimum measuring range of 2.5kPa and exceptional anti-overload capacity, it is ideal for micro-pressure measurements. This transmitter is suitable for measuring gauge or absolute pressure of gases, vapors, or liquids in industrial process control, printing and dyeing, food, pharmaceutical, and environmental protection industries.


· Stainless steel shell for durability

· Ceramic capacitor core offers corrosion and wear resistance

· Capable of micro-pressure measurement with high overload capacity

· Features a flush membrane structure for easy cleaning and prevention of clogging and scaling

· Suitable for medium temperatures up to 140ºC

· Designed for compatibility with CIP and SIP processes in the healthcare industry

· Supports a range of output signals and electrical interfaces

Technical Parameters

Pressure Range

Measuring Pressure



1.5x of full scale

Measuring Medium


Various liquids and gases compatible with contact materials

Output/Power Supply





±0.25%FS (std.) 0.1%FS(opt.) 

Long term stability


(includes linearity, hysteresis, and repeatability)*

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