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HPM310 4-20mA 0-5V RS485 Output Micro Wind Differential Pressure Sensor

Measuring range:-100kPa…0~100Pa…100kPa
Overload: 3~5x 
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The HPM310 micro differential pressure transmitter is equipped with a high-precision and high-stability pressure sensitive chip. This chip, combined with a highly reliable amplification circuit, converts the pressure signal of the measured medium into a standard 4-20mADC signal.

To ensure exceptional quality and performance, the HPM310 transmitter utilizes high-quality sensors, advanced packaging technology, and a meticulous assembly process. This guarantees accurate and reliable measurements.

The HPM310 micro differential pressure transmitter finds wide application in various industries. It is commonly used for measuring boiler air supply, fan pressure, air duct pressure, indoor ventilation, subway air pressure, subway ventilation, and environmental air pressure or differential pressure.

With its precise measurement capabilities and robust construction, the HPM310 transmitter is a trusted choice for accurate differential pressure measurements. Its reliability and performance make it suitable for a range of applications in different industries.


  • Measures pressure in ducts

  • Extracts indoor air

  • Ventilates underground areas

  • Supplies air to boilers

  • Measures differential pressure


  • Easy installation with Ø8 pagoda nozzle pressure connection

  • Small gas differential pressure measurement

  • High precision (0.5 grade) with minimal error

  • Wide temperature zone compensation, minimal temperature drift

  • Manual zero function for calibration

Technical Parameters

Measuring Medium

Dry and clear noncorrosive gas(cannot measure liquids)


3~5x of full scale


±1.0%FS,±0.5%FS,±0.25%FS(subject to working pressure range)
Output Signal

4~20mA | Voltage | RS485

Power Supply24VDC(12~24VDC)

Working Temperature


Electrical Connection

Cable outlet

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