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HTP150 0-200℃ Mining Surface Temperature Sensor

Measuring Range: 0~200℃
Output: PT100 2-wire,3-wire, 4-wire
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HTP150 mining surface temperature sensor is specifically designed for use in underground coal mines to detect the surface temperature of motors, reducers, and other mechanical and electrical equipment. It utilizes a PT100 temperature sensor, which is known for its accuracy and stability in temperature measurement.

The sensor is capable of accurately measuring the surface temperature of various equipment components commonly found in mining environments. This information is crucial for monitoring the operating conditions of motors, reducers, and other machinery, as excessive temperatures can indicate potential issues or risks.

HTP150 mining surface temperature sensor is specifically designed and approved for use in underground coal mines, where the environment may present unique challenges and safety considerations. Its robust construction and adherence to relevant safety standards make it suitable for reliable temperature monitoring in these demanding mining environments.


surface temperature measuring in:

  • energy

  • chemical industry

  • textile

  • other scientific research and production.


  • Passive, contact temperature measurement.

  • With four-wire resistance signal output, which meets the requirements of temperature measuring instruments using two-wire, three-wire or four-wire connection methods.

Technical Parameters

Temperature Range




Output Signal

PT100   (100.0 ~ 175.86 Ω)

Working temperature


Relative humidity

no more   than 98% (refer to 25℃)

Atmospheric pressure


Overall dimensions(length*width*height)



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