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HT219M 4-20mA HART RS485 Temperature Transmitter Temperature Sensor

Output:4~20mA,voltage, RS485,HART
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HT219M on-site display isolated temperature transmitter is used for the input of resistance temperature detector (RTD) signal and thermocouple (TC) signal and for two-wire or three-wire analog signal output (4−20mA). It is configured by the RS485 (MODBUS RTU protocol) or the HART protocol.


receive RTD or TC input signal, output 4~20mA, voltage, RS485 or HART signal


  • Input signal supports 2 RTDs, 10 thermocouples.

  • Input signal is fully switchable.

  • 4~20mA output, RS485, HART optional

  • Thermocouple cold end compensation

  • Response time≤700ms

  • Input and output isolation, good anti-interference effect

  • Cast aluminum housing, protection class IP65

  • Available in one-piece and split housings

Technical Parameters


Input Signal

Resistance temperature detector (RTD) and   thermocouple (TC)

Temperature Range of Cold Junction Compensation


Compensation Precision



Output Signal

4   – 20mA or 4 – 20mA adds the HART protocol

Load Resistance

RL≤(Ue- 12)/0.022

Output Current for Upper/Lower Limit Overflow Alarm

IH=21mA 、IL=3.8mA

Output Current for Input Break   Alarm


Power Supply

Power Supply Voltage


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