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HFM650 Mini Flow PD Flowmeter Liquids Gear Flowmeter

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HFM650 gear flowmeter uses the pressure difference between the inlet and outlet when the liquid passes through the flowmeter cavity to push a pair of gears into mesh. The two precisely matched gears are enclosed in a precision-machined cavity. The tooth root of each gear is in contact with the measurement cavity. Experience the formation of volumetric cavities with equal volumes. The liquid is divided into individual known standard volume portions by gear rotation. The total volume of liquid is measured based on the number of times a volume chamber is filled and drained of that volume of liquid, successively and repeatedly.


  • High measurement accuracy and high repeatability (±0.5% of reading value, 0.1% repeatability)

  • High and low temperature resistance (-196℃~200℃) (for high and low temperature customization, please contact sales).

  • Range ratio wide 1:150

  • High resolution (10~16P/rpm)

  • Multiple signal output types (pulse, analog, RS485 and Hart)

  • Can measure highly corrosive liquids (sulfuric acid, hydrofluoric acid, etc.)

  • Can measure high viscosity media (syrup, asphalt, honey, etc.)

Technical Parameters

Measuring Medium


Implementation standards

JB/T9242-2015 General technical conditions for liquid volumetric flow meters

Medium viscosity


Ambient temperature


Medium temperature

-40~80℃,high temperature type 200℃(customized)


Aluminum 50bar/stainless steel 100bar (high pressure can be customized to 400bar)


+/-0.5% of reading (within 1:20 range), +/-1% of reading (full range)

*Data above is based on 20cst viscosity liquid)


+/-0.1% of reading

Power supply

9~26VDC(default), 220VAC can be customized

Output signal

Analog (4-20mA, 1-5V or 2-10V),

Pulse frequency 5Khz (Max)

Explosion-proof level

Exd II CT6 Gb

Protection level


Communication method

RS485 Modbus-RTU /HART/ GPRS /Bluetooth

Electrical Interface

M20*1.5 (with metal explosion-proof connector)

Material - Housing

1.4305(SS304),1.4144(SS316L) or Al

Material Gears

SS304, SS316L or high hardness alloy steel

Material Bearing

Rolling or plain bearings

Material Seals



GB, DIN, JIS customize


male and female thread adapter, Ermeto connector, sanitary clamp connector

Our product philosophy is specialization, customization, and intelligence.

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