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HPM420W 0~300m On-Site Display Submersible Level Transmitter

Pressure Range:0~1...300mH2O
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HPM420W split-type submersible liquid level transmitter is designed for accurate measurement of liquid levels and depths. It utilizes a high-performance silicon piezoresistive pressure sensor as the measuring element. This sensor accurately measures the hydrostatic pressure, which is directly proportional to the liquid level and depth.

The measured pressure is then converted into a standard current or voltage signal output through a signal conditioning circuit. This establishes a linear relationship between the output signal and the liquid depth, enabling precise measurement of the liquid level.

The HPM420W transmitter offers high precision and a compact size, making it suitable for various applications. The probe can be directly immersed into the liquid to measure the liquid height from the end of the transmitter to the liquid level. It is user-friendly and finds application in liquid level measurement and control in areas such as petroleum, chemical industry, power plants, urban water supply, and hydrological exploration.

Before delivery, the product undergoes rigorous screening for long-term aging and stability. This ensures its reliability and stability, making it suitable for use in open spaces with harsh environmental conditions.


liquid level measurement and control in 

  • petroleum

  • chemical industry

  • power plant

  • urban water supply

  • hydrologic exploration


  • Split structure

  • The sensor part put into the liquid has multiple protection and sealing designs, IP68 protection

  • The casing of the signal conditioning part is made of cast aluminum and is installed at a convenient wiring location for easy adjustment and wiring.

  • Large measuring range, from 1 meter to 300 meters

  • Various types of output signals are available

  • On-site display

  • Optional lightning strike protection

Technical Parameters

Pressure Range


Note: The measurement unit can be   converted into ftH2O@4℃, inH2O@4℃, m, mm, etc.

Gives the density value of the   measuring medium when the unit is m, mm, etc.


1.5 times pressure range of full scale

Measuring Medium

various liquid   compatibles contact materials

Output Signal/Power Supply (option 1)

4~20mA   / Vs=8~30V

Output Signal/Power Supply (option 2)

4~20mA+HART    /   Vs=12~32V

Output Signal/Power Supply (option 3)

0~10V    /  Vs=12~30V

Output Signal/Power Supply (option 4)

Modbus-RTU/RS485     / Vs=12~30V

Output Signal/Power Supply (option 5)

2-way relay / Vs=18~32V

Note: Except for 4~20mA, the   recommended range of other signal outputs is within 20 meters.


±0.5%FS(typical,   @25℃), ±0.2%FS(optional, @25℃)

Our product philosophy is specialization, customization, and intelligence.

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