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HPM520 24VDC/220VAC Relay Output Intelligent Pressure Switch

Pressure Range:-100kPa…0~0.01…60MPa
Switch type: Relay
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HPM520 Intelligent pressure switch is an intelligent display pressure measurement and control product, which combines pressure measurement, display, output and control together. This product is all electronic structure and adopts silicon piezoresistive pressure sensor with isolation diaphragm at the front end. It uses high-accuracy and exclusive ASIC processing with field display, witch can output IAO and 2DI. With the flexibility, easy operation, safety and reliability, this intelligent digital pressure controller can be widely used in hydropower, petroleum, chemical, machinery and other industries.


  • Hydropower

  • Petroleum

  • Chemical

  • Machinery

  • Hydraulic and other industries



  • Φ100 standard

  • 4 bit LED display

  • Control point can be field set

  • Two control points relay output

  • 4~20mA standard signal output optional

  • Strict ageing testing, stable and reliable functions

Technical Parameters

Measuring Range


Accuracy Grade


Overload Capacity


Pressure Type



≤0.1%   /year

Power Voltage


Display Mode

0.56"Nixie   tube

Display Range


Respond Time


Ambient Temperature


Relative Humidity


Interface Material

304  Stainless Steel

Our product philosophy is specialization, customization, and intelligence.

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